Nursing Major

Let your compassion and desire to help others drive your career with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Wisconsin Lutheran College.

As a student in our nursing program you'll get hands-on training in the classroom and our state-of-the-art nursing lab. You'll engage in clinical experiences in the metro Milwaukee area that offer direct patient care opportunities with diverse and vulnerable populations in adult health, mental health, pediatrics, and obstetrics. You'll also experience a cultural health clinical that offers an immersion experience abroad or an opportunity to work with a vulnerable population in the local community. A 120-hour preceptorship in the final semester of the program facilitates your transition from the role of student to professional nurse. 

Graduates of our nursing program enter the workforce as Christian servant leaders who are ready to provide holistic, 在各种环境中提供高质量的患者护理.


At WLC, you’ll receive hands-on experience within our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) program. Our unique location and curriculum design provides you the opportunity to engage in a variety of clinical experiences. Our nursing students have engaged in clinical experiences at inpatient rehabilitation units, 辅助生活设施, elementary schools, long-term care, 职业健康和社区环境. Froedtert医院(一级创伤中心)和威斯康星州儿童医院, 位于WLC街对面, 以及密尔沃基的许多其他医疗中心, provide opportunities for students to regularly participate in acute care settings.


The results of our graduates’ state board exams (National Council of State Boards of Nursing [NCLEX-RN]) and graduates’ employment rates reflect the high quality and rigor of the WLC nursing program. Our most recent graduates’ first time testing taking pass rate was 94% and 100% of our graduates were employed within four months of graduation 在威斯康辛州和全国各地的医疗机构.

WLC护理毕业生目前在急诊室担任理想职位, 加护病房, trauma units, OB-GYN units, and oncology units. 他们目前在奥罗拉街的弗洛德特医院工作. 卢克医疗中心, 奥罗拉西奈医疗中心, 威斯康辛儿童医院, and Columbia St. 玛丽医院,以及全国各地的其他医院.

Healthcare professionals make a real and measurable difference in their communities, across the nation, and abroad. 信誉最好的网投平台排名学习健康科学, you'll receive a strong science foundation that supports your growth and development, 我们教师的个人关怀和关注, and our small-campus charm in a big city with access to diverse healthcare facilities. 你会自信地毕业,为实现自己的目标做好充分的准备.

SHARON A. 舍内克护理实验室

In 2018, we transformed a portion of Generac Hall into dedicated nursing simulation labs and classrooms. 除了强大的临床和训导机会, our nursing majors receive training with moderate- and high-fidelity human patient simulators in labs designed to imitate patient clinic and hospital rooms. 实验室允许学生测量生命体征, 听心肺的声音, care for wounds, and set up IVs, 在治疗真正的病人之前练习他们的技能. 我们的实验室包括VALT, 一种视听捕捉系统, 为护理教室的模拟提供实时观察, recording, 以及模拟后的汇报.

Meet Victoria

Victoria, a lifelike, 高保真模拟器, offers a full-range of functions to provide a truly immersive experience for our nursing students. 她是一个分娩模拟器, 但她也被用于复杂的医疗外科模拟, which means that both juniors and seniors utilize Victoria to supplement their learning throughout their clinical courses.


Our two newest simulators can be remotely controlled by our faculty and programmed with various vital signs, heart sounds, and lung sounds, among others. 二年级学生将使用这些模拟器来练习技能, 比如学习评估技巧, 药物管理, 导管和鼻胃管插入, and IV management. Juniors and seniors will use these simulators in clinical scenarios in the lab that mimic real life nursing care situations.

See for yourself! 

Schedule your 个人参观体验 and request a tour of our nursing labs, or explore Generac Hall and our nursing labs via our 全景360°沉浸式虚拟之旅.

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Incoming first-year freshman WLC students are admitted directly into the nursing major (no waitlist). All full-time non-transfer students who consistently meet the academic progression criteria for the School of Nursing (e.g. >2.平均绩点75),预计四年内毕业.