You can't major in undecided, but it's okay to be undecided.

If you enroll at Wisconsin Lutheran College not knowing what you plan to major in or unsure of your career aspirations, don't worry! You're not alone.

We offer a robust liberal arts experience that allows you to explore a variety of academic areas. Since our students often won’t declare a major until their sophomore year, there’s plenty of time to take a variety of courses to help you discover your passions, identify your strengths, and narrow your focus.

Whichever major(s) you choose, we’ll ensure you receive personalized academic coaching.

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Discover your strengths

As a freshman, you'll be given the CliftonStrengths assessment to assist in identifying your top five themes of talent. The CliftonStrengths program teaches students how to develop their natural talents into strengths and apply them for success in all areas of their lives. It can be used as a resource in discussions regarding academics, advising, personal life, career, and even a student’s spiritual life.

Explore our General Education curriculum

Intended to prepare “students for lives of Christian leadership,” a central tenet of WLC's mission, our General Education curriculum emphasizes Christian vocation - the work one is called to do in all areas of his/her life. Our General Education curriculum, or Gen Eds as our students call this coursework, serve as the foundation of your degree program — regardless of your major(s) — at WLC.

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